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Penny K Pinball's PKONE Platform, a reliable commercial and homebrew platform produced under Penny K's consistently stringent quality control, delivering excellent performance with robust design conforming to a commitment to quality, endurance and the love of pinball.


The platform caters for both a backbox installation approach as well as a device under playfield with an extension designed system.


Penny K Pinball was founded by some of the best minds in the entertainment industry who share a common passion for everything pinball, using their combined talented skills in engineering design and innovation, with the goal of providing a very easy to use pinball platform that serves both commercial and homebrew users alike, Penny K was born.


Our commitment to innovation will see Penny K Pinball deliver the highest and most enjoyable experience possible in the pinball industry for years to come.


Penny K Pinball - Building better world's under glass.

A very big thank you to Quinn Capen for an outstanding job with the PKONE command protocol.

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